Rogue's Souls


Dark Souls goes roguelike



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Rogue's Souls is a 'roguelike' mainly inspired in games like Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, two of the hardest games available for Playstation 3 and XBox 360. And, of course, it has been strongly influenced by other games like Brogue.

At the beginning of Rogue's Souls, you'll have to create your character, choosing its sex (male or female) and class (warrior, thief, explorer, or mage). Once it's created, the adventure begins inside a dungeon.

Rogue's Souls is structured around gameplay similar to the aforementioned Dark Souls. Each time that you kill enemies, you'll obtain souls which you can use to improve your various skills.

Another detail taken directly from Dark Souls is the use of 'resistance' for running, dodging, and hitting. Thanks to this feature, you'll have to be careful not to waste your hits and movements, since you could end up completely 'spent' when facing an enemy.

Rogue's Souls is a fun role-playing game that combines a high level of difficulty with a simple control system, especially for a roguelike. It's the ideal game for anyone looking to get into the genre.
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